Our Vision: High quality of life in a healthy society

Our Mission: As a family-owned company we regard the responsibility towards our customers, suppliers, employees and our society as a matter of course.As experts for soft gel capsules we make complex compositions possible at a modern, high quality production level.


The main values of our company -our principles

Quality: The realization of our quality and product policy is one important task of the leading manager´s. “Our General Manager´s task.”

Customer´s Request: To fully meet our customer´s requrements, individual and short-term, is part of our expectations as a modern company in a fast shifting society.

Loyality: We are convinced that the best results can be reached through loyal and long-term partnerships.

Responsibility: We feel responsible for our customers and employees. Respect, expactatious and mutual assistance are an important part of our company´s philosophy.

Public Health: The responsibility towards our society is not only based in our core business but we feel obliged to support ideas contributing to the general health.

„We transmit values“

Georgios Zacharopoulos, General Manager