High quality of life in a healthy society

Our Mission:

As a family-owned company we regard the responsibility towards our customers, suppliers, employees and our society as a matter of course. As experts for soft gel capsules we make complex compositions possible at a modern, high quality production level.

Our ultimate goal: satisfied customers.

One of our most important management challenge is to realize and to agree on our quality targets.

Our main aim is to have satisfied customers which can be reached by offering them high quality products and services.

  • The management makes sure that all resources necessary to realize the QM are made available.
  • Each member of staff is responsible for the quality in his sector.
  • Whoever discovers a fault or defact is obliged to eliminate it or to inform his senior.
  • Prevention of faults is given priority to elimination.
  • The quality of our products reflects the qualification and skills of our staff.
  • To reach our targets the general manager transfers this authority to his senior staff managers.
  • Our quality principles and the procedures described in our quality manual are binding for the whole staff.

ARCO® takes care of you from your project idea to the ready-to-sell product.

Our self-commitment: We offer you the best in quality, flexibility, loyalty and a sense of responsibility.