Benefit from our many years of experience as a specialist in soft gelatine capsules and in the development and optimization of formulations. This formulation development is an essential factor that is decisive for the quality and attractiveness of a product. It is very important to us that this results in the greatest possible patient benefit and increased compliance.

Depending on the customer‘s wishes, we check the feasibility of a formulation, help with finding the recipe and advise on the selection of raw materials.

The scaling up and validation of the product formulation and its process development are also part of our range of services, as is the development of sample and registration batches.

Follow-up stability tests for regular renewals of drug approvals as well as microbiological tests of the end product are services that we are happy to carry out on request. On request, we also provide accompanying documents, such as master batch records, master files and other documents for approval dossiers.


Our long experience on the market can help you to realize your product. It is one of our commitments to offer you the best possibilities for a successful project realization. Complex information about the raw materials we use and our advice about existing and future market trends will be at your disposal.

The range of services we offer includes depending on customer‘s request, all activities necessary for the manufacturing of drugs or supplements


ARCO clients are worldwide and therefore our produce soft gels can be found worldwide.

Our full service supply chain and after sales support knows the needs of our branch.

As an expert for soft gel capsules, we profit from a long experience in the development of formulations and new products. The resulting benefit for a customer and the patient with an enhanced compliance is a main concept for us.

ARCO assists you from your idea of the project up to the finished product ready for sale with the commitment to provide high quality, flexibility, loyality and responsibility.