ARCO relies on high-quality raw materials, certified quality, modern production technologies, optimized workflow planning and process control and offers all relevant packaging solutions in-house. In variable batch sizes and with guaranteed completion dates that only an owner-managed family business can offer.

We meet or exceed all quality criteria that apply to nutraceutical or pharmaceutical products. Keywords such as GMP, HCCP, MSC, Serialization, Track&Trace, EFSA are not foreign words to us, but part of everyday life.

We have an independent quality assurance system. Our facilities are certified according to EU GMP regulations, International Food Standard, Global Standard for Food Safety, EU Organic Regulation (2092/91/EG).

The European Food Safety Authority (EBL) is at the heart of the European Union (EU) risk assessment of food and dietary supplement safety.

At ARCO, we always work within a full understanding of EFSA‘s requirements and we can assist our customers with every step required for a product claim to be effective in accordance with regulations and guidelines.


We consider our company to be a high quality contract partner for the manufacturing of soft gel capsules meeting the requirements of our branch.

The high level of our quality assurance system is reflected in our quality assurance manual and includes, among other things: predetermined defined SOP (Standard Operation Procedures). These are based on the requirements of the current EU GMP guidelines and are subject to regular inspection, on the one hand through in-house and on the other through external authority audits.

Our flat hierarchical structures, the regular training of our employees and our principle that quality with us
It is a matter for the boss to guarantee the high quality standard of our products, to which we feel committed.


Under quality assurance and quality control we mainly comprise

Standard parameters are i. a. as follows


One of our most important management challenge is to realize and to agree on our quality targets.