Our long experience on the market can help you to realize your product. It is one of our commitments to offer you the best possibilities for a successful project realization. Complex information about the raw materials we use and our advice about existing and future market trends will be at your disposal.

The range of services we offer includes depending on customer’s request, all activities necessary for the manufacturing of drugs or supplements

ARCO assists you from your idea of the project up to the finished product ready for sale with the commitment to provide high quality, flexibility, loyality and responsibility.


As an expert for soft gel capsules we profit from our long experience in the development of formulations always seeking to optimize them. The development of the galenic formulation is a decisive fact for the quality and attrativeness of a product. The resulting benefit for the patient and the enhanced compliance is here a main concern for us.

We check the realization of a formulation for the customer, help him to find the right formulation and advise him on the selection of the raw materials.

We also offer the scalling up and validation of the formulation and its process development. The development of trial and registration batches is also part of our service.

Follow -up stability testing for the regular renewal of drug approval as well as microbiological analysis of the finished product are offered up-on customer’s request.

Manufacturing documentsMaster Batch Records‘,‘Master Files’ and others are at our customer’s disposal.


The GMP approved manufacturing of softgel capsules has been carried out by ARCO since 1986 and it is the core of our business.

The electronic control of the different encapsulation machines is centrally done by the control desk. Dierolls rotating against each other punch the two capsule parts out of the gelatine ribbons and seal them, whereas, at the same time, the filling is injected via a segment between the shell elements with a dosage accuracy of -/+ 1 %.

The finished capsules are transported by assembly lines in the computerized predrying tunnel where the neutral oil is removed in several cleaning phases.

The cleaned capsules are put on special trolleys and dried in adequate designed rooms.

After drying the capsules are automatically sorted in batches according to size and shape. Afterwards the final cleaning takes place. Respecting appropriate hygienic measures the capsules are then manually sorted by special machines which enable to sort out capsules which do not meet the ARCO quality standard.


We offer a full service package. The development, production and packaging of each product take place under GMP conditions in our facility in Herdecke, Germany. This results in an effective project realization with short and flexible lead times.

Our fully-automatic packaging lines allow the sealing and confectioning of the capsules to be ready for sale. Different tools are available and permit to choose the right blister size or number of capsules per blister. The filling into DUMA tins or glass bottles with labelling is as well possible.

A range of final product composition ready for sale is on request available. These developed product formulations by ARCO leads to a fast, economic and successful market launch.


Your company. Your values. Your products … You invest a lot of time, energy and resources into the development and manufacture of exceptional products. Your expertise should be experienced and known to your customers.

Especially in times of increasing copies and plagiarisms, the protection of original products is becoming more and more important. We at ARCO are in the business of protecting your elementary values and uniqueness of your products. With this in mind, we now offer additional VALUE ADDED PACKAGING to all our capsule and manufacturing processes.